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Great Products & Services Inc. (GPS) located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Since 2011, we have set the standard in international trading excellence. We connect brand enterprises, logistic service providers, financial institutions, value-added service of providers and various groups, endeavoring to create a cross-industry fusion, platform sharing and co-prosperous and co-existing supply chain business ecosystem.


We understand the agriculture food business and can help our clients succeed – whether your business is in production, manufacturing, wholesale, food service or retail. Our unique experience and expertise in global and domestic markets gives us a depth of understanding far beyond our competition.


Solid, long-term relationships with a wide supplier base ensure reliability and continuity of supply. Through our service, we can select from the whole market every day – with a clear understanding of pricing trends, currency and market pressure points – and pass these opportunities on to our customers. An ability to fully customize supply programmer makes us the long term partner our customers depend on.


Producers rely on our contact with a wide network of customers, to provide the domestic or international product sales and distribution channels they need. We deal directly with customers in our global export markets to trade Canada's and USA finest food products within a range of purchasing options.

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